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System Design                  

Our goal at The Audio Gallery is to help you choose the right products for your home. We design new audio systems and upgrade existing audio systems that are tailored specifically to your needs, requirements and personal tastes. We take the time to discuss these issues in depth with you. Ours is a personal store and we take active interest in our customers because we value long term relationships. We won’t let you make a mistake because we will communicate all the options so you’re fully informed to make an educated buying decision.

Questions you will want to ask yourself when determining what kind of a system you would like are:

  • What kind of music do you most enjoy and listen to?
  • How do you listen to your music?
    • Are you busy doing other things and it is for background enjoyment or do you want to get away in a dedicated listening room?
    • Are you looking for a transcendental experience?
  • How big is the room or rooms in which you want to have music?
  • Speaker requirements visually? Big, small, finishes…
  • Where are you putting the electronics?
    • Have you considered correct ventilation needs?
    • How stable and rigid is the stand/cabinet you’ll be using?
  • Cable length needed
  • Will you be installing the system yourself or do you want to have us install it for you?
  • Listening room designs.
    • Will we be working directly with your contractor, architect or interior designer?
  • Budget
    • How good does the system need to be to meet your expectations?
    • Will you need financing options?

What components are required for a Sound System?

  • Electricity
  • Speakers
  • Amplification
  • Control of the Amplification
  • Source(s) - Turntable, CD player, Tuner…
  • Wire to inter-connect the components

In the marketplace, audio products from all manufacturers are designed differently from various raw materials, circuitry parts and layouts, chassis construction, speaker cabinet construction and internal wiring. They all sound different too; most being poor to mediocre, some being good and a few that are great. At The Audio Gallery we have set performance standards and know there are limitations associated with different price points. We have sifted through the piles of pretender products on the market and have chosen products that provide the highest performance for the dollar spent, from very moderately priced to very expensive. Years of experience in listening to various combinations of products and designating their synergy, give us an advantage to recognize when something exceptional comes along that exceeds our expectations in the “performance gained for the money spent” category.

We’ll help you design a matched system. Once a quality system is chosen, optimizing it correctly in your home to experience its true capabilities is equally important. We offer our customers our expertise in set-up and installation to the highest standards.

Since 1990 we have been rewarded with the positive reactions of our customers as we complete or upgrade a system in their home. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

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