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Welcome to The Audio Gallery!               

Picture of Gary and Cindy in front of The Audio Gallery.  Doors of the shop are open

The Audio Gallery is our expression of a world filled with vibrant and beautiful music conveying itself through audio systems that are artfully crafted by passionate designers and manufacturers, presented to you by Gary and Cindy Kerr.

In this busy “ever-faster-moving” world, we are attempting to slow down the clock and provide an exceptional purchasing experience in a quiet, peaceful environment. We accomplish this by serving you Tuesday - Saturday by appointment – just give us a call!. Whether you’re browsing The Audio Gallery for the first time or you’re an established customer wanting to see what new products have recently arrived, we invite you to experience the hospitality of The Audio Gallery.

Located 15 minutes south of Portland, Oregon, The Audio Gallery is situated amongst the fir trees of charming Lake Oswego in the heart of Oregon, surrounded by Mt. Hood, the Colombia Gorge, Oregon Wine Country and the pristine Oregon Coast.

The Portland community reflects the values of quality lifestyles that include environmental awareness, organic farming, cottage industries and diversity of artistic expression.


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