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Meet the Owners                   

Picture of Gary TBD

Gary Kerr

From 1972-1990 Gary Kerr was always on the “cutting edge”, not only as a racing wheelchair designer, but as a world-class athlete in Table Tennis, Track and Road Racing (10Ks to Marathons). These achievements were nationally recognized in 1996 when he was formally inducted into the Wheelchair Sports Hall of Fame (PDF).

Music has always been an integral part of Gary’s life, including his training routine. A familiarity with live music and a great stereo were no strangers to him. His love for music and desire to put together the “ultimate” music playback system started in his youth, developed into an intense hobby, grew into a business called The Audio Gallery and continues to this day!

Gary’s ability to successfully apply developmental technologies from one field of expertise to another has always placed him in the top tier of his peers. He broke new ground in the ’80’s with nutrition and training techniques gleaned from radical nutritionists and kinesiologists so he could break world-records. He introduced new metallurgies, parts and design concepts from the bicycle and car racing industries as a designer for a major wheelchair corporation to advance state-of-the-art racing wheelchairs and componentry which are current industry standards. His applied truths from the study of acoustics has established his expertise in audio system set-up, system matching and room acoustics which has gained him notoriety among leading manufacturers and reviewers in the audio industry. Gary is a firm believer that “All Truth is Parallel.”


Picture of Cindy, TBD
Cindy Kerr

There has always been music in Cindy’s life. Her father installed outdoor speakers so all the kids in the neighborhood could roller-skate to music. In her youth she started classical violin training, singing and guitar lessons. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area afforded her great opportunities to see and hear famous musicians and orchestras.

In Nursing School, Cindy was the music coordinator for her class. She sang, played guitar and violin for hospital events, church and weddings. After graduation as a Registered Nurse, Cindy would oftentimes be found at her oncology patient’s bedside, guitar in hand, singing softly to help ease anxiety and pain when pain medicine was no longer effective. This was before Music Therapy was a recognized healing discipline! Cindy strongly believes in the healing power of music and its ability to soothe the Soul, promote healing of both Mind and Body and restore the Spirit. Based on a lifetime of experience, Cindy knows first hand that “music is good medicine”.

Her nationally certified technical skills as a Registered Nurse transferred naturally to the technical aspects needed by The Audio Gallery for turntable set-ups, equipment repairs, cable terminations, system design and interfacing. Her talent as the interior designer for The Audio Gallery is only surpassed by her high level of customer service and attention to detail, which has earned her an excellent reputation in the audio industry.

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