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About Us                 

Our love of music and passion for recreating the realism of a musical event is the motivation and the driving force that pushes us to the extreme in component matching and system set-up. This level of expertise brings forth the emotional engagement of a stereo system that is capable of bringing a musical event to life with such realism that it becomes an experience in its own right.

“The Audio Gallery seems an archetype of what an audio shop should be.  The space is so near perfect, so well decorated, so darn comfortable that you almost can’t believe it’s for real.

And if that weren’t enough, the folks who run it seem equally as nice”



We continually take the time to seek out, listen to and compare products before introducing new choices, to assure that you, our valued customer, are getting the best value and highest performance products available from around the world. This is what separates The Audio Gallery from other audio specialty stores.

“Gary and Cindy Kerr’s Audio Gallery offers
concert hall sound in a living-room environment.”



We take pride in offering you a retail storefront with a non-conventional presentation, beautifully appointed rooms and a non-pressured sales approach. The result is a relaxed atmosphere for evaluating music systems and making important purchase decisions.  We cater to people, like yourself, in search of a special music system because music is an acknowledged “Life Priority.”

Our knowledge and experience are your advantage....



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